All of your questions answered about your senior portrait session!


All of your questions answered about your senior portrait session!


How far in advance should I book my senior session?

Having a month or two to prepare for your photoshoot date to ensure your date, prep your outfits, and plan your shoot is an ideal situation. Of course, as an ideal, it doesn’t always work out that way. This year we have done sessions that we book a week in advance, and have our images in front of our clients a week after the photoshoot.

Can I request specific photos to be taken?

Of course, but I will not copy a specific shot from another photographer. I hope that you are booking with me because you like my style of photography and trust that you will end up with images you love from your session. I welcome ideas and inspiration but know that I will likely add my own flair or adjustments.

Can our pets be a part of our photos?

Absolutely! Pets are like family and can be a huge part of your life, I am happy to include them in your photoshoot. Be sure to specify that in your questionnaire when booking.

What should I bring to the session?

We can discuss this ahead of time with you but in general, your outfit choices along with accessories and shoes, cap & gown if you are including that in your session, college gear if you want to include that, anything super special you want to remember about this time (like soccer ball, hockey stick, books, etc). I will have a portable changing room available if we are at a location with no facilities available.

What should I do to prepare for the session?

We recommend that people get a good night of sleep before their photoshoot, bring a water bottle if we are shooting outside, and have your clothing ironed and on hangers. I will have a portable changing room available if we are at a location with no facilities available.

If it rains, do you have a studio to shoot at or other location choices?

Yes, we have a studio, and we also watch the weather to make sure that your shoot is good to go. Any day with a 50% chance of rain will most likely be rescheduled to another date if you want to make sure you have outdoor photos.

Will these images be posted online or to any social networks?

Yes, unless specifically requested otherwise, I love to share your beautiful images online through instagram, facebook, twitter, TikTok, and my website. Feel free to add me (@jshfoto) so that we can tag you!

How do I book my session.

Just click on the book now button at the bottom of these FAQ's and then the type of session you want! My website will guide you through the rest of the process.

When is the best time of year to schedule my session?

You may schedule at anytime. I have seniors asking for pictures in the snow, with spring flowers, and fall leaves. I take senior portrait sessions all year long, but spring and fall are generally my busiest seasons.

What time of day is best for my session?

This answer depends completely on the location for the photoshoot. If we are shooting indoors, I generally recommend shooting in the morning. If we are shooting outside, it is best to schedule time closer to sunrise or sunset for the most flattering lighting.

How will I know how to pose?

You don’t need to know a thing. This is what I am here for! You will be coached every step of the way, and can relax knowing that I have your posing covered. Generally speaking you want your photos to look like yourself, so you will want to be relaxed and natural. I will make suggestions for arm and hand placements but feel free to move around while I am shooting. It's digital - so I won't keep the unflattering photos!

How many photos will I receive?

That will depend on the type of session, your location, how many outfits you bring, etc. Generally speaking, my standard senior sessions get around 50 photos but that could be less or more.

What is included in my session?

Your session includes and preplanning that needs to be done, the shooting time, editing of the photos with most retouching included, digital downloads of all of the edited photos. You can also order prints directly from my website once you receive your gallery link but they do come at an additional cost.